Artist Grace Newburger, a New Orleans Native has a career spanning many diverse stages of expression. Throughout these various periods she has thought of herself as a Romantic Expressionist, with a mystical and spiritual approach to art. Her works on papar, canvas, silk and ceramic have been an ongoing search for forms that, though abstracted have content as foundation.

Her travels have influenced her art. There is one unifying element in her work: imagination. Through imagination lies the universal desire to find and capture the essence of nature. Ancient frescoes of great civilizations in China, Japan, South America and Europe have been carefully studied and each work is a reduction of ideas that is captured in a unique personal style. Her great love of nature is no where better served than at her country home in her renovated barn studio, close to her animals and her art.

"Quand tout change pour toi, la nature est la meme.
Et le meme soleil se leve sur toutes tes jours"

(When everything changes for you, nature is still the
same and it's the same sun that rises all your days)